Vegetarian Wife with Non-Veg Husband

Healthy Digestion

Wife goes vegetarian, needs help feeding her non-veg husband For about the past year, I have been having very painful digestive issues. Approximately 20 minutes after eating, i get horrible stomach cramps and one way or another, that food is coming back out. I have pinpointed it to meats, fatty foods, fried foods, heavy creams […]

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Vegan vs Non-Vegetarian Dispute Over Food & Kids

Couple Argue Over Food

Love-Lorn Non-Veg Disagrees with Veg Girlfriend About Future Children My girlfriend very recently became vegetarian again. She was vegetarian and then vegan many years ago and then slowly started eating some meat again for the past few years because of the ease of it. I am a non-vegetarian. She is a strong animal rights advocate […]

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Healthy Vegetarian Diet for Athlete & Non-Veg BF


How to have a healthy nutritious vegetarian diet for athletic lifestyle AND non-veg boyfriend at the same time? I would first like to say Savvy Vegetarian is an  excellent website! I found it through a “healthy vegetarian diet” search. I guess I lucked out.  I have some questions, and maybe you guys can help me. I […]

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Non-Veg’s Rocky Relationship with Vegetarian GF

Rocky Relationship

Girlfriend’s strict vegetarian diet is awkward, inconvenient & extra work for non-vegetarian boyfriend I would like some advice on having a relationship with a vegetarian. I met my GF 4 years ago at university (about 22 years old at the time). At the time, she was not a vegetarian. She ate meat, but was not […]

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Veg Cooking4Carnivores Answers Questions

Feeding Husband

Follow up to the previous post, Vegetarian Blogs About Cooking for Carnivore Husband J. M. wrote back and graciously answered all my nosy questions from the previous post, Vegetarian Blogs About Cooking For Carnivore Husband “First, when I say my hubby won’t eat anything green, that’s just an exaggeration. He does eat green beans, peas, […]

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Vegetarian Blogs About Cooking For Carnivore Husband


J. M. wrote in response to the following veg/non-veg posts: Non-Veg Has Helpful Tips for Veg College Students and this response, No More Taunt The Vegetarian. J. said “Hey – it’s nice to see this discussion. I am veg and married a non-veg. I have worked very hard to come up with dinners we can […]

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Non-Veg Feeding New Vegan Mom

Mom and Baby

Non-vegetarian cooking for vegan who is a new mother, wants to give her a good start, needs recipe suggestions and a shopping list I will be cooking for a vegan which I am not. She is a new mother and just gave birth. I wanted to be given a good idea what to feed her, […]

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No More Playing ‘Taunt The Vegetarian’

Taunt You

As I keep saying, the world is going vegetarian! Proof: Our friends who liked to torture us about our veg diet are now adopting a plant based diet! My husband and I are friends with a couple who had fun playing “taunt the vegetarian”, an irritating game where the non-veg places emphasis on meat, rude […]

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Non-Vegetarian’s Helpful Tips for Veg College Students

Dining Hall

Savvy Vegetarian’s email exchange with A., who started with a rant, and ended with some practical advice to make life easier for new vegetarian college students

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Savvy Vegetarian