Nutrition CHAMPS eCookbook Giveaway

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The Veggie Queen’s Guide to Eating & Cooking for Optimum Health, Happiness, Energy & Vitality Enter the Nutrition CHAMPS giveaway BELOW from 10:00 A.M. Feb. 20 thru 11:59 P.M Feb. 22, 2015. The Nutrition CHAMPS giveaway is WORLD WIDE, because it’s an eBook, delivered electronically. Nutrition CHAMPS is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants […]

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Fat Free or Low Fat, How Much Does it Matter?

Fat Free

Many plant based diet gurus advocate fat free or low fat diets for health and weight loss Dr. McDougall – The McDougall Program, Joel Fuhrman M.D. – Eat to Live, Dr. Neil Bernard – 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart, and Robert Pritikin – The Pritikin Principle, Dean Ornish, M.D. – Eat More, Weigh Less are all […]

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How to Start a Vegan Support Group

Dee Davis

The Vegan Support Group of Las Cruces, New Mexico began unexpectedly during an appointment at an urologist’s office. Guest post by Dee Davis, a long time Savvy Veg recipe contributor and friend of our FB page. As far as I can tell from Dee’s post, the way to start a vegan support group is – […]

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Healthy Veg Calories to Avoid Weight Loss

Maintain A Healthy Weight

How to keep weight up on veg diet, eat healthy too I recently started changing my diet. I am juicing fruits and veggies and cutting out meat. I feel GREAT! I am very excited about my new, far healthier diet. The only problem is that I am losing weight. While this is generally considered a […]

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7 Yr Old Sugar Addict Won’t Go Vegan with Dad

Kid Won't Eat

Dad goes vegan, wants son to give up sugar & eat healthy First of all, thanks for creating the Savvy Vegetarian web site! A little story about myself: I have struggled with weight issues most of my adult life. Recently I decided (educated myself) that there are tremendous flaws in the western diet. When I […]

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Judith Is Vegan, Savvy Vegetarian Is Not

Every step toward a plant based diet is positive, deserves respect and support Message for Savvy Vegetarian: “I was so excited to find your site and have recommended it to tons of folks and posted it on Facebook walls for my clients. I was horrified to see eggs and dairy products in some of your […]

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How to Gain Healthy Weight on a Vegetarian Diet

healthy weight

Vegetarian losing weight, wants to gain healthy weight with no processed food I have been a vegetarian for a little over a year now. I have completely ceased eating fast food because when I did it eat on occasion, it made me feel sick. I have also given up most processed foods. Eating plant-based meals […]

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Adopting a Plant-Based Near Vegetarian Diet for Health

Judith Kingsbury

Like Bill Clinton (watch video), Trent at Simple Dollar tries plant based near-vegetarian diet, after doctor says health problems later in life w/o diet changes. I just read a lovely blog post by Trent, who blogs about money at The Simple Dollar. About 5 weeks ago, he decided to try a plant based or vegetarian […]

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Vegetarian Diet & Health Over 55: Lower Cancer Risk

Never Too Late

Plant based diet, vegetarian diets protect health, low-fat vegan diet critical for lower cancer risk, heart attack risk, reversing diabetes – Dr. Neil Bernard According to the latest research from AICR, 1 in 3 “older adults” (55 and up) don’t know about the connections between diet and disease, or think that it’s too late to […]

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60 Year Old Vegetarian Wants To Lose Weight

Yoga Woman

Daily exercise, plant based diet and counting calories for weight loss Hi! I’m 60 and have been totally veg for about 8 months. I eat a plant-based, whole grain, no oil diet. I don’t eat any soy products except non-fat Westsoy milk in coffee and cereal. I’ve stopped being diabetic and hypertense and no longer […]

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