Soy Much Maligned, Nutritious, Useful, Survives & Thrives

Tofu Vegetable Stew

Soy, especially tofu, was really big in the 70s, 80s and into the 90s. But since then, soy has gotten a bad rep, for various reasons, some legit, but mostly not. For many years there has been an anti-soy propaganda campaign, focused on health issues related to soy – with a lot of exaggeration, sketchy […]

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The EZ Tofu Press Saves the Day

EZ Tofu Press

The EZ Tofu Press: Savvy Vegetarian Review I didn’t know how much I needed a tofu press until Ben Aron sent me his EZ Tofu Press to try out. The EZ Tofu Press works great, super easy to use, sturdy, simply made with food grade plastic and stainless steel hardware. I’m sure it will last […]

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Tofu Recipe Contest at Savvy Vegetarian

9.26.13: Contest is Now closed to Entries We had 36 awesome entries!! Many thanks to everyone who entered their favorite tofu recipe. This last weekend in Sept., I’ll be going over all of the entries and picking 3 semi-finalists – and it’s going to be really really hard!! Then I’ll test and photograph my three […]

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Vegan Has Big Beans & Gas Problem

2 year vegan, mostly raw diet, beans & tofu main protein source, foul gas all the time I eat about three cups of beans a day (red kidney, black, romano and chick peas). I soak and cook them myself in a slow cooker. I have LOTS of gas even though I eat slow and chew […]

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Kid Friendly Healthy Diet for Food Allergies

Little Girl Eating

Mom worries tofu won’t have enough protein for toddler with food allergies My 20 month old daughter has food allergies – she is allergic to dairy, eggs, and all nuts. I am concerned that there are several key nutrients she may be either low on or not getting, among them protein. Her doctor recently suggested […]

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Vegetarian Cooking: How to Cook Tofu or Tempeh

Barbecue Tempeh Sandwich

How to cook tofu and tempeh, tasty tofu & tempeh recipes, tempeh subs for tofu After a lot of back and forth, I have finally settled in to my vegetarian lifestyle. I am having trouble finding things to eat, however. I fine myself constantly eating the same meals, and it gets a little bland and […]

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Soy Foods And Vegetarian Protein

Tofu Burger

For vegetarian protein, stay away from processed soy and stick to organic soy foods tofu & tempeh Hi Savvy Vegetarian! I have just discovered your wonderful site while searching for help on cooking tofu. I am a Nebraska beef fed girl (no longer in Nebr.) who went around the table eating everyone else’s fat and […]

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Healthy Vegetarian Diet for Athlete & Non-Veg BF


How to have a healthy nutritious vegetarian diet for athletic lifestyle AND non-veg boyfriend at the same time? I would first like to say Savvy Vegetarian is an  excellent website! I found it through a “healthy vegetarian diet” search. I guess I lucked out.  I have some questions, and maybe you guys can help me. I […]

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What’s New at Savvy Vegetarian?

Judith Kingsbury

SV Blog, Recipe Collections, Holiday Menus, Newsletter, New Look Since last summer, Savvy Vegetarian has had a new look, an upgraded navigation system, and other technical improvements, to make the site prettier, more accessible, easier to read and faster to load. We’ve been performing SEO miracles on the vegetarian recipe pages to make it easier […]

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Overwhelmed By The Soy Buzz – Is Tofu OK?


Feel a bit overwhelmed by the soy buzz – have eaten & fed to my 9 yr old boys for years – now feel scared of what I have done! Is tofu ok?

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