How to Make Meat Based Meals Vegetarian

Go with familiar flavors & looks in vegetarianizing meat based meals Guest post by Aussie Fiona Morgan, who is working on an art/veg cookbook of meatless meals. Check out her blog, Spaces Between the Gaps, and website, Where Fish Sing for beautiful art and meatless recipes. The sample recipes have been lifted from her blog, […]

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Umami Makes Bland Vegetarian Food Tasty


Umami is a taste sensation just like sweet, sour, bitter and salty, considered to be the ‘fifth taste’. Guest post by artist and long time vegetarian Fiona Morgan, WhereFishSing I agree whole heartedly with the idea of umami as the missing element in so many vegetarian foods. Umami is what we’re going for in Savvy […]

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Savvy Vegetarian