Happy Healthy Valentine’s Day Love Bites

Chocolate Valentine Cookies

Boycott Commercial Valentine’s Day with Happy Healthy Veggie Love Bites That is not to say there can’t be chocolate. What is Valentine’s Day without chocolate? A day or two before Valentines Day, make special chocolate treats for your loved ones, or people who aren’t quite in that category (yet), but you want to show that […]

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Choose Carob for Healthy Valentine’s Treats

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Have a healthy valentine’s day. Give your sweetheart carob candy instead of chocolate, or bake a healthy carob cake. Carob is known as a chocolate substitute, but this seductively sweet food has both the substance and the flavor to earn its own merit. The color is the same as that of dark chocolate, although the […]

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Happy Fair Trade Chocolate Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Cake

Fair trade chocolate helps farmers escape poverty We’ve heard about chocolate’s health benefits, but  – only 1 cent from a typical candy bar goes to the farmer. Valentine’s Day is indelibly associated with chocolate. The desire for chocolate is even stronger because of all the reporting of chocolate’s remarkable health benefits. But are we being […]

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