Eating While Vegan: Travel Food Update

The Naam Thai Coconut Curry

In just a few years, it has become so much easier to eat vegan while traveling. Why is That? 1. Veganism is growing exponentially, with much more awareness and acceptance of vegan diet. That’s the root cause. 2. Businesses have noticed that veganism has become cool, so they have been busy ramping up the production […]

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Why Savvy Veg Loves Beans (and so should you)

Love Beans

Beans & Lentils – Nutritious, Delicious, Versatile, Cheap, Vegan – What’s Not to Love? My bean adventures began in 1968 when I first went vegetarian. You’d have thought that I was eating food from another planet, beans & lentils (a.k.a. legumes) seemed so strange to me. The only legumes that I had ever eaten, were […]

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How to Start a Vegan Support Group

Dee Davis

The Vegan Support Group of Las Cruces, New Mexico began unexpectedly during an appointment at an urologist’s office. Guest post by Dee Davis, a long time Savvy Veg recipe contributor and friend of our FB page. As far as I can tell from Dee’s post, the way to start a vegan support group is – […]

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10 Home Remedies for Indigestion

Belly Gas & Bloating

Simple Causes of Indigestion, 10 Easy Steps to Digestive Wellness Please advise re gas/bloating when eating raw & cooked veggies. I do eat clean, fresh foods. Lot’s of vegetables (juicing, raw, cooked) and fruits. Also meat, fish, dairy, nuts, complex carbohydrates. Every time I eat I have a big belly and later on bloating. My […]

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A Few Bad Ads from Google Adsense

Thumbs Down

Savvy Vegetarian is a free content site, supported mainly by Google Adsense A few times a year, someone gets upset by an ad and writes to tell me about it. The following is my typical response. Message for Savvy Vegetarian: By having an ad such as this one (link expired) on your site, you’ve lost […]

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Healthy Vegan Diet, Diabetes Prevention & Control

Eric Sharer

Benefits of a healthy vegan diet to prevent and control Type 2 Diabetes Chicago Vegan Examiner Marla Rose interviews Eric Sharer, RD about the benefits of a healthy vegan diet to prevent and control Type 2 Diabetes. During the Vegan in Chicago Examiner interview, Marla Rose and Eric Sharer referred to Paula Deen’s coming-out-of-the-diabetic-closet as […]

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Healthy Brown Bag Lunch Ideas For Vegan Farmer

Picnic On A Tractor

Eating at work lunch ideas – main dish salad recipes, wraps and soups Hi Savvy Veg! Love your website and newsletters. My husband is a farmer, and often takes his lunch to the field. I would like ideas for brown-bag lunches consisting mostly of foods that he can eat on the go, as he prefers […]

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Shelf Stable Homemade Vegan Mayonnaise?

Pouring Mayo

Looking for a homemade, shelf stable, vegan mayonnaise that won’t separate Dear Savvy Vegetarian: Your recipes are awesome! I am looking for a homemade vegan mayonnaise that won’t separate and is shelf stable. Can you help me? Thanks, Patti P. Savvy Veg Advice Thank you, Patti :-) I don’t know if there is such a […]

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Travel: Cheap Healthy Vegan Diet on the Road

Food Road Sign

Plan ahead, eat sandwiches, cook in motels, avoid restaurants, carry emergency rations We manage to eat well and economically on the road, without compromising our veg diets TOO much. And I’ve learned to keep it simple, which is harder than it sounds. The last time I travelled across country by car, I dragged along a […]

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Vegan Has Big Beans & Gas Problem

2 year vegan, mostly raw diet, beans & tofu main protein source, foul gas all the time I eat about three cups of beans a day (red kidney, black, romano and chick peas). I soak and cook them myself in a slow cooker. I have LOTS of gas even though I eat slow and chew […]

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