10 Tips for Vegan Travel Anywhere

Vegan South America

South America Travel Advice Applies to Veggies Travelling Anywhere A couple days ago, Stephen Bishop, from the blog Volunteer Latin America sent me a link to his recent vegan travel tips article. This is a long and excellent article. .Stephen is articulate and doesn’t skimp on details – so I’ve lifted the intro and short […]

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Going Vegan Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Rock And A Hard Place

After reading the book “Skinny Bitch” and realizing the crap that’s in food, working Mom wonders how to go vegan and not die of exhaustion I recently decided to go vegan after reading the book, “Skinny Bitch” and realizing the crap that is in the food I eat. However, I am between a rock and […]

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Eating A Healthy Vegetarian Diet On The Road

Road Food

For the past 6 months I’ve been on tour in the Mid-West with a theater group. looking for a more nutritional approach to eating vegetarian on the road. Having been a vegetarian since I was 7, I very much enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle and know a lot about it. What’s difficult is being on the […]

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Savvy Vegetarian