Savvy Vegetarian: Martha Stewart Jumps On Vegan Bandwagon

Martha Stewart

Savvy Vegetarian Saturday Rant: Martha Stewart, Biz Stone, Kathy Freston, Farm Sanctuary, Vegan Diet Martha Stewart has jumped on the vegan celebrity bandwagon with Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, President Clinton and many others. Savvy Veg just watched Martha’s Vegan Show where she made Seitan Bourgignon and Parsley Leaf Salad with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, and energy bars […]

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10 Basic Facts About Vit B12 for Vegetarian Diet

Vitamin B12

10 basic Vitamin B12 facts, on B12 dosage, B12 supplements, B12 absorption, and sources of Vitamin B12 for vegan nutrition. Questions About Vitamin B12: I see that the Vitamin B-12 RDA is 2.4 mcg and the Daily Value for B- 12  is  6 mcg, and some vegan sources say take 10 mcg in a supplement. Then […]

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Teen Troubles Going Vegan In Anti-Vegetarian Family

Becoming Vegan

Family counseling and a book on vegan nutrition may help teen to go vegan without fear HI discovered this website researching about veganism, since I have recently decided to go vegan;  formerly being an ovo-lacto-vegetarian for about a year, when I was 16.  I’m now 17. I have a huge problem, and wanted to ask […]

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Low Energy Vegan – Can Vitamins Cause Deficiencies?

Exhausted Woman

Vegan woman low in energy. Could supplements actually be causing deficiencies? Love your website! I take lots of supplements and have been a non-dairy vegan for a year–was a semi-vegetarian before that (no beef or pork for decades). But I am really low in energy lately. Could my supplements actually be causing deficiencies? – A.R. […]

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20 Tips for Going Vegan On A Tight Budget

Tight Budget

You should be able to go vegan on a tight budget if you’re careful what you buy and make your own food from scratch. Here are a few tips for getting by I am on a fixed income and I want to know if two people can go vegan with only $299 a month. If […]

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