Eating While Vegan: Travel Food Update

The Naam Thai Coconut Curry

In just a few years, it has become so much easier to eat vegan while traveling. Why is That? 1. Veganism is growing exponentially, with much more awareness and acceptance of vegan diet. That’s the root cause. 2. Businesses have noticed that veganism has become cool, so they have been busy ramping up the production […]

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10 Tips for Vegan Travel Anywhere

Vegan South America

South America Travel Advice Applies to Veggies Travelling Anywhere A couple days ago, Stephen Bishop, from the blog Volunteer Latin America sent me a link to his recent vegan travel tips article. This is a long and excellent article. .Stephen is articulate and doesn’t skimp on details – so I’ve lifted the intro and short […]

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Savvy Vegetarian