Home Cooking: Healthier, Quicker, Cheaper

Home Cooking

Get a Healthier Veggie Life with Cheap Quick Easy Home Cooked Meals The phrase: “I don’t cook” should not be in the veg vocabulary. That’s true even if you’re a die-hard steak for breakfast eater! Convenience food is hard on your health and your wallet. Eating a lot of fast food is slow suicide, even […]

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Vegetarian Camp Cooking: How to Do It Right

Glamping Table

Helpful Tips from Readers on Veggie Camp Cooking I had a terrific response to my vegetarian camp cooking post (forget it and live on sandwiches). Some of the responders felt my pain, but most comments revealed my ignorance and lack of creativity on the subject. Some hinted that I might need an attitude adjustment. Carrie […]

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Forget Vegetarian Cooking While Camping

Camp Kitchen

Adventures with serious vegetarian camp cooking I’m not a veteran camper and far from an expert on campsite cookery. I’ve been camping maybe 10 times in my 65 years, for a total of about 3 months. However, most of my camping involved vegetarian cooking. So naturally I feel qualified to talk about it. My camping […]

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Umami Makes Bland Vegetarian Food Tasty


Umami is a taste sensation just like sweet, sour, bitter and salty, considered to be the ‘fifth taste’. Guest post by artist and long time vegetarian Fiona Morgan, WhereFishSing I agree whole heartedly with the idea of umami as the missing element in so many vegetarian foods. Umami is what we’re going for in Savvy […]

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10 Ways to Love Your Veggies and Eat Them Too

Why we don’t eat vegetables, 10 ways to love your veggies & eat them too, how to cook vegetables, vegetable nutrition facts, vegetable recipes Deep down, everybody knows that vegetables are healthy, and we should eat them. But many people just don’t like veggies, or eat them much. That’s often as true for vegetarians as for […]

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Big Batch Vegetarian Cooking for Quick Easy Meals

Vegetarian Chili

Easy vegetarian meal planning: Recipes to make ahead in big batch vegetarian cooking, for quick meals to freeze or fridge Question for Savvy Vegetarian: I was wondering if you have vegetarian recipes you can recommend that we can make a big batch of ahead of time and freeze or store to eat as quick meals when we’re rushed for […]

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Getting the Best Nutritional Value of Vegetables & Fruits

Vegetable Stir Fry

Cooking Vegetables: Stir-frying and cooking in soups for best vegetable nutrition Dr. Nina Bailey: Boil, steam or fry: are we getting the best nutritional value from our fruit and vegetables? Eating at least 6 servings a day of fruit and vegetables seems to be having a positive impact on our food choices. By eating fruits and vegetables in a variety of different […]

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Vegetarian Cooking|Healthy Eating Secrets|College Students

College Vegetarian Cooking

Being vegetarian in college is difficult, healthy eating impossible! College Vegetarian Cooking makes life easier. By July Gerstein, courtesy The Daily Green: Interview with Jill Carle, co-author of  ‘College Vegetarian Cooking’ Being vegetarian in college can be difficult, but Jill Carle, 23, wouldn’t know. She’s the author of College Vegetarian Cooking but she’s not vegetarian. […]

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Healthy, Low Budget Recipe Tips for Veg Diet

Vegetarian Chili

Savvy Vegetarian’s Low Budget Healthy Recipe Tips: Pressure cooker, crockpot, chef’s knife, cookbooks… From our own experience, we know it’s possible – and relatively easy – to have an excellent vegetarian diet on a low budget. You’ll also eat much healthier. It is a bit more work – you have to think and plan more, and […]

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Eating A Healthy Vegetarian Diet On The Road

Road Food

For the past 6 months I’ve been on tour in the Mid-West with a theater group. looking for a more nutritional approach to eating vegetarian on the road. Having been a vegetarian since I was 7, I very much enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle and know a lot about it. What’s difficult is being on the […]

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Savvy Vegetarian