NutsOnline for Hard-to-Find Vegetarian Foods

Nuts Online

NutsOnline: Excellent Source for Vegetarian Foods You Can’t Find Locally I often hear from people who can’t find vegetarian foods they want at their local markets. If you live in a veg friendly place with a natural food store, you can find most of what you need. Others who aren’t so lucky get upset when […]

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Umami Makes Bland Vegetarian Food Tasty


Umami is a taste sensation just like sweet, sour, bitter and salty, considered to be the ‘fifth taste’. Guest post by artist and long time vegetarian Fiona Morgan, WhereFishSing I agree whole heartedly with the idea of umami as the missing element in so many vegetarian foods. Umami is what we’re going for in Savvy […]

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Pro-Choice Vegetarian: “I Don’t Care What’s On Your Plate”

i don't care what's on your plate

After lapsing years ago from a vegetarian diet, I recently went lacto-ovo vegetarian, thanks to a recent meat industry slaughterhouse video in the Guardian UK “I know how hard it can be to be vegetarian in such a meat-obsessed culture. And I have been on the receiving end of a few lectures from vegetarians and […]

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Reluctant Vegetarian: How to Stop Eating Meat?

Reluctant Vegetarian

How do I become vegetarian when it’s so hard to get over meat cravings caused by simply loving the taste of meat? Dear Judith, I discovered your website quite a while ago, and have recently stumbled across it again. I love the recipes, and this advice blog is great. I’ve become vegetarian at least twice […]

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Vegetarian Blogs About Cooking For Carnivore Husband


J. M. wrote in response to the following veg/non-veg posts: Non-Veg Has Helpful Tips for Veg College Students and this response, No More Taunt The Vegetarian. J. said “Hey – it’s nice to see this discussion. I am veg and married a non-veg. I have worked very hard to come up with dinners we can […]

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