Umami Makes Bland Vegetarian Food Tasty


Umami is a taste sensation just like sweet, sour, bitter and salty, considered to be the ‘fifth taste’. Guest post by artist and long time vegetarian Fiona Morgan, WhereFishSing I agree whole heartedly with the idea of umami as the missing element in so many vegetarian foods. Umami is what we’re going for in Savvy […]

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Seasoning Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes with Herbs & Spices

Fresh Basil

Seasoning vegetarian recipes: Herbs and spices seasoning options to veggie bouillon cubes, which are full of salt, even the low sodium option isn’t that great. Message for Savvy Vegetarian: Question regarding the use of the veggie bouillon cube in vegetarian recipes: Is there some other seasoning option? Bouillon cubes are so full of salt and […]

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Recipe Contest, Quesadillas, Apple Recipes, Agave

Savor & Share Recipe Contest

Oct. 2010: What’s New on Savvy Vegetarian? Vegan Recipe Contest, Recipe of the Month, Best Apple Recipes, 9 Things To Know About Agave Savor and Share Healthy Vegan Recipe Contest Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life, is holding a recipe contest, and Savvy Vegetarian is one of the judges.  So are Mollie Katzen and Martha Rose […]

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Big Batch Vegetarian Cooking for Quick Easy Meals

Vegetarian Chili

Easy vegetarian meal planning: Recipes to make ahead in big batch vegetarian cooking, for quick meals to freeze or fridge Question for Savvy Vegetarian: I was wondering if you have vegetarian recipes you can recommend that we can make a big batch of ahead of time and freeze or store to eat as quick meals when we’re rushed for […]

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Lose Weight on Veg Diet: Cut the Cheese


Calories in cheese and cheese in processed foods explain weight gain on vegetarian diet A while back we received a letter from a reader who was asking about vegetarian weight loss.  She had experienced unexplained weight gain on her new veggie diet instead of the usual weight loss. Why do some vegetarians experience weight gain […]

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Vegetarian Cooking|Healthy Eating Secrets|College Students

College Vegetarian Cooking

Being vegetarian in college is difficult, healthy eating impossible! College Vegetarian Cooking makes life easier. By July Gerstein, courtesy The Daily Green: Interview with Jill Carle, co-author of  ‘College Vegetarian Cooking’ Being vegetarian in college can be difficult, but Jill Carle, 23, wouldn’t know. She’s the author of College Vegetarian Cooking but she’s not vegetarian. […]

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What’s New at Savvy Vegetarian?

Judith Kingsbury

SV Blog, Recipe Collections, Holiday Menus, Newsletter, New Look Since last summer, Savvy Vegetarian has had a new look, an upgraded navigation system, and other technical improvements, to make the site prettier, more accessible, easier to read and faster to load. We’ve been performing SEO miracles on the vegetarian recipe pages to make it easier […]

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Non-Veg Cooks For Vegetarian Friend

Lentil Loaf

Non-veg wants to include vegetarian friend in family meal with vegetarian recipes Question For Savvy Vegetarian: I am not a vegetarian nor is my family. My best friend of 15 years is a vegetarian. She eats eggs and dairy if they are in something–say birthday cake. She also eats cheese. At family meals we are […]

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Did You Stumble Upon Savvy Veg & Love It?

Stumble Upon

I stumbled upon this website about a year ago when I was looking to start eating healthy after being a glutton for the holiday season Occasionally Savvy Vegetarian gets a message telling us that a link doesn’t work, or there’s something wrong with a recipe, or some information needs updating. Believe me, we appreciate it […]

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