No More Playing ‘Taunt The Vegetarian’

As I keep saying, the world is going vegetarian! Proof: Our friends who liked to torture us about our veg diet are now adopting a plant based diet!

Taunt You

My husband and I are friends with a couple who had fun playing “taunt the vegetarian”, an irritating game where the non-veg places emphasis on meat, rude elaborate descriptions of it, and tells you for the millionth time that they ‘couldn’t live without steak’…etc. Other than that, they’ve been great friends.

One day, they woke up and decided to get healthy – did a bunch of research and found out a bunch of awful things about meat heavy diets, not to mention factory farms. They almost totally cut meat out of their diet, and now are as likely to bring a vegetarian dish to a potluck as I am.

I haven’t heard one rude veggie comment since. Last time they had a do at their place, they made a meat soup, and a veg version for me. I gotta say I’m enjoying the change of tune.

The funny thing is, their change came entirely from them. I didn’t preach, and they didn’t ask.

Zoe Keeland, Savvy Vegetarian

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