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Judith Kingsbury

All advice letters and replies are now posted on the Savvy Veg Advice Blog. It's much more reliable than email, so please check there for an answer. You're welcome to post comments - which of course, are filtered for spam.

Get Savvy Vegetarian Advice from Judith Kingsbury - a long time vegetarian who's experienced most of the veggie situations you can imagine, and many you wouldn't believe!

Judith recommends an easy transition to going veg, a balanced, relaxed vegetarian lifestyle, and she doesn't endorse any particular vegetarian diet.

You'll get support and encouragement, no matter where you are in the vegetarian universe.

Read the SV Advice Letters

Children: Yes, children can thrive on a vegetarian diet! Advice for vegetarian children and their veg or non-veg parents.

Dieting And Weight Loss: No matter your age, your health, or your history, it's easier to manage your weight on a vegetarian diet.

Going Vegetarian: Savvy Veg always recommends a gradual, easy, guiltless approach, for the sake of your health and sanity.

Health: 'You are what you eat' - simple to say, but not so simple in practice! What with low carb, high protein, raw, macrobiotic, Ayurvedic - it's hard to know what's right for you.

Lifestyle: Yes, there is such a thing as a vegetarian lifestyle, and sometimes it's tough to blend with the non-veg lifestyles that surround you.

Nutrition: How can you get enough protein on a vegetarian diet, and what about iron and Vitamin B12?

Relationships: How to live your vegetarian diet and eat it too, plus live happily ever after with the non-veg love of your life.

Teens: It's challenging to be a teen vegetarian or vegan! Parents (almost) never get it! Sometimes, it can even be tough for the parents!

Thank You For Asking!

Judith answers as many advice letters as she can. Sometimes it takes a while, and the most urgent, unique, & non-medical questions get top priority.

We get many repeat questions, so before writing, please check the SV Advice letters, the free vegetarian reports, or the new Savvy Veg Advice Blog.

Your advice letters help people with similar problems. That's why, when you ask for advice, we assume your permission to publish your question & answer on Savvy Veg.

We don't publish your name, address or email - only your initials.

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