Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe, Vegan or Vegetarian

Quick Easy Kid Friendly Recipe, Perfect for Lunch with Soup or Salad

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

We foolishly thought that nobody needed a recipe for grilled cheese sandwiches.

But not everybody's Mom made grilled cheese sandwiches. Some Moms tried to give their kids healthy food. Some lost the recipe, or came from countries that never heard of grilled cheese.

So generations of kids have grown up not knowing how to make grilled cheese sandwiches. Very Sad! But weep no more - we decided to share the recipe.

Total prep & cook time: 15 min

4 Sandwiches, 4 Servings:

Nutrition data is based on non-dairy cheese slices and spread, and whole wheat bread.

Nutrition Data Per serving, 130g: 369 cal, calories from fat 128, 14g fat, 2g saturated fat, 49g carb, 798 mg sodium, 6g fiber, 14g protein, 4g sugars; low Cholesterol; high sodium; good source Vit A, Riboflavin, Calcium, Iron & Selenium. Estimated glycemic load 26


  • 8 slices firm whole grain bread
  • 8 cheese slices (vegan or dairy)
  • 1 - 2 Tbsp veggie spread or butter


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  1. Heat a large griddle or frying pan on medium to medium-low
  2. Lay out 8 slices of bread on your work surface
  3. Spread each piece very thinly with soft veggie spread or butter
  4. Place 4 bread slices spread side down on the pan
  5. Arrange 2 cheese slices overlapping each other on each slice of bread in the pan
  6. Cover each slice of bread and cheese with another slice of bread, spread side up
  7. Cook for 5 minutes or so on each side, until the sandwiches are nicely browned and the cheese melted
  8. Caution: Don't go off and leave your sandwiches cooking while you check your email. They're likely to burn

Recipe Tips:

This is a kid-friendly sandwich recipe - kids from 2 to 102 love grilled cheese sandwiches!

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Getting them to eat something vegetablish with the sandwich is a challenge. Cream of tomato & chickpea soup is perfect because they can dip their sandwich in it!

Tricks for making perfect grilled cheese sandwiches: Good firm whole grain bread, good cheese (vegans get a cheese exemption), and a very thin coating of butter or veggie spread on the bread to keep your sandwiches from being TOO greasy ( 1/2 tsp per slice).

Another trick is to cook the sandwiches slowly enough that the cheese gets hot and melty on the inside, and the bread becomes brown and crusty on the outside.

There are several brands of vegan cheese slices available in most big grocery stores or natural food stores - e.g. Mozarella Flavor veggie slices from Galaxy Nutritonal Foods or Daiya Vegan Cheeze.

This cheeze recipe from Bryanna Clark Grogan also works - a bit runny, but cheesy tasting, and at least has some protein!

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The best of all vegan cheeses I've tried is Chao Vegan Cheese Slices from Field Roast - not found everywhere as of Oct. 2015 unfortunately, and expensive - but deliciously cheesy tasting and melty!

Our grilled cheese sandwiches were blissfully satisfying, as hot, greasy, salty foods always are. We wolfed them down between spoonfuls of Cauliflower Cannellini Bean Soup - for our health. They went together very well! A green salad would have been a good healthy partner too.

Recipe Comments:

Thank you for posting a grilled cheese sandwich recipe. I do know how to make one, but not everyone does. If you don't want to make 4 sandwiches at a time, try a (George Foreman) counter-top grill. It turns out great, and does not burn easily. Also try it with a sprinkle of oregano (attr. Rachel Ray). Happy tummy! Anne K.

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